God hasn't commissioned us to make converts, or even to make Christians. He sent us to make disciples. Come along with us as we partner with the Mexican Assemblies of God on a mission to do just that.

At the Big Table

Category: Devotional,Ministry,Missions

In the same way we’d always wanted to be at the Big Table, when the time came, we found that those who were there to receive us were truly glad to have us.


Influencing the Next Generation

Category: Ministry,Thanks

Be them future missionaries or future missions supporters, it’s an honor to be able to influence the next generation.


Raising Advocates

Category: Support

What we aim to do is to raise up those who would tell a more complete story, one that would comprehend the great need and the tremendous potential.


Together 2019: Renewed, Refocused, Recommitted

Category: Prayer,Progress

In this global reunion, we’ve dedicated 4 days to renewal, refocus, and recommitment to the greatest evangelism the world has ever 


Thankfulness in Transition

Category: Progress,Support,Thanks

We would not have been able to accomplish even half of what we’ve been able to if it hadn’t been for the many who helped us make our many transitions. Allow us to express our gratitude.