God hasn't commissioned us to make converts, or even to make Christians. He sent us to make disciples. Come along with us as we partner with the Mexican Assemblies of God on a mission to do just that.

On Site at the General Council of the A/G of Mexico

Category: Media,Prayer

This month I’m reporting on site at the General Council of the Assemblies of God of Mexico, but instead of writing about it, I’ve recorded a short video.


Building a Team to Realize the Vision

Category: Ministry,Prayer

We understand that we cannot fall into the trap of searching for superstars. As the great teams have proved, talent alone doesn’t win championships, it takes teamwork.


Our Fall Newsletter is Now Available!

Category: Media

September, it’s the time to anticipate the changes of the season. It’s also the time to look forward to our latest newsletter. Click through to read about all of the latest!


Equipping the 90%

Category: Ministry

When you think of a church planter, what comes to mind? A Bible School graduate? An associate pastor? A missionary? Recently, I found out that the church planter is probably none of these.