God hasn't commissioned us to make converts, or even to make Christians. He sent us to make disciples. Come along with us as we partner with the Mexican Assemblies of God on a mission to do just that.

Summer’s Coming but Our Newsletter is Already Here!

Category: Media

Summer is just a few short days away, but, if you’re tired of waiting, the summer edition of our quarterly newsletter is available now!


Persistence Pays Off

Category: Ministry,Progress

Have you ever had a great idea that came to you before others were able or willing to take it seriously? Let me encourage you to not give up, because persistence pays off.


Making Dreams Come True

Category: Ministry

Three thousand miles apart, two different dreams began to take shape. On May 8th, those two dreams converged and Parque El Mesías was born.


Embracing the Past, Pushing Forward to the Future

Category: Culture,Maya,Missions

A blend of gratitude for a culture that has been redeemed and an affirmation of the increasing role that this culture must play in God’s worldwide mission in the years to come.