We have now taken over the role of Mexico Area Director. As such, we ask you to stand with us as we collaborate with the team that directs ministry throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, as we serve in leadership over the missionaries serving throughout the country of Mexico, and as we work as a liaison between Assemblies of God World Missions and the national church of Mexico. You may support us in the following ways:

Prayer Support

We desperately need your prayers on our behalf. Please commit to praying for the Godzwa family, and for Mexico. Check back here monthly for updates to this list, or sign up for our newsletter to have them delivered straight to your inbox!

Prayer Requests:

We’re so appreciative of your prayers on our behalf. This month, we ask you to rejoice with us:

  • Rebekah, our daughter, received her credentials as a minister with the Southern Missouri District in the same service in which Kelly was recognized for her ordination.
  • Our family is celebrating Rebekah and Jonathan’s graduation. Graduating from Evangel University, Rebekah will proceed to a Master’s degree in linguistics at Missouri State University. Graduating from Central High, Jonathan will continue into Ozarks Technical Community College’s aviation program.

Please continue to pray for Mexico’s recovery in all aspects: physical, emotional, economic, and spiritual.

Financial Support

We would ask that you would consider supporting our ministry to make disciples in Mexico.

Join Us in Mexico

If God is calling you to go, we’re inviting you to come! On our regional website, you can select from a variety of positions of varying lengths, from a few months to multiple years!

Thank you for standing with us. We appreciate each and every one of you!

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