We Made It! In the Midst of the Storm…

We have made it to San Jose, Costa Rica! We have been in Costa Rica since Tuesday and are now getting settled into a routine before classes begin on Tuesday. We are relieved and excited to be here although a bit overwhelmed at the realization that we now have the equivalent communication skills of a two-year old!

However, even though we have left the United States, we find that are thoughts are constantly brought back as we continue to hear reports on the damage and the situation on the Gulf Coast. We ask that you would continue to remember us, be we hope that you would find time to remember the victims of Hurricane Katrina in your thoughts and prayers. Also, if you feel so lead, I know of two excellent organizations that will facilitate your relief contributions: Convoy of Hope and Rural Compassion. Both are Assemblies of God ministries, and both are playing a large role in facilitating relief, spiritual as well as physical, to these distressed people.

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