El Dia de La Accion de Gracias

There is no word for Thanksgiving in Spanish and no holiday either. So while most of the people in the US have the day off, for the people of San Jose, today was business as usual. The Gringos among them were celebrating though. We’re planning for a holiday complete with the turkey, the cranberries, the dressing, and, of course the running.

Here is a shot of field of the Inaugural San Jose Turkey Trot, 3.5 miler. We even had a total crowd of spectators of 5! Not a bad turnout if I say so myself.

There are more pictures of the run, along with shots of all of the festivities available by clicking here or on the picture to the right.

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  1. Danfuscious’s avatar

    ANYTHING to get out of pushing that double stroller in the Springfield Turkey Trot, hey Dave? Well, this year we REALLY could have used you as there were 2500 participants — someone needed to knock a hole in that sea of very slow runners who felt it necessary to start at the front of the pack! : ) However, it appears, judging by your photos, that you did not run into that problem! Oh, by the way — I won a turkey breast at the drawing this year (oh yeah, party time now!) : )

  2. Anonymous’s avatar

    It’s just not the same without you pushing that double-wide stroller, Dave! Missed you at the Turkey Trot this year in Springfield (2,500 participants this year). Could have used that double-wide of yours to clear a path, for sure!

  3. David’s avatar

    Really, I wanted to open it up the the public who were clamoring to enter, but I felt it best to keep the field manageable for the first ever running.

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