disciplemexico.org turns 100!

100 posts that is! We’ve crossed the 100 barrier, and to celebrate, we’ve changed our look. We’ve got what we believe is a much cleaner, much less “out of the box” look with more emphasis on Mexico, especially on the area of Merida where we are going to work. Of course, all of the features and content that you have enjoyed are still around. So if you’ve been enjoying our RSS feed or our updates by email, maybe it’s time to stop on by and give us another glance. By the way, thanks for your support and thanks for making us one of your stops on the web.

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  1. mikegodz’s avatar

    Very nice! Tell me how you did it so I can steal it from you!

  2. Dave’s avatar

    Mike and Amy,

    Thanks for the kind words. Mike, you can get a template similar to mine at http://www.geckoandfly.com. I copied the one called K2 and modified it a bit. If you like it, it’s there for the taking. Now if you steal my Mexico photos, that’s a different story!

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