…your Father knows what you need…

This post was intended to be a prayer request. We had been several months without our visas as they had been trapped in the renewal process since November of last year. An oversight on our part, coupled with a complete change in the visa process had held up their renewal long past the month expected wait time. As we have been here in the US itinerating, that delay had been a mere annoyance, but now, as that time draws to a close, our need for those visas has become much more urgent.

Imagine then my shock when, after sending in additional documentation and paying all our fees, I receive an email saying that our expediter has yet to receive our visas that I was to have sent to him to be renewed! This was unwelcome news indeed; not only were our visas delayed, now it was possible that they had been lost!

This post was to be written to ask for prayer for this difficult process, that our visas would be found and that they would arrive soon. However, instead of sending that prayer request, I have the pleasure of posting a praise report! Just this week, we received word that a mistake had been made. Our visas, though delayed had not been lost. Furthermore, we would be receiving them in a matter of days.

So it seems as though we have an real-life example of Matthew 6:8 in process. Even before we had asked for prayer, our Father knew that we had need of our visas in order to return to Mexico. So rejoice with us! We have one less hurdle to jump on our way back to the field!

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