Marathon for Mexico 2

Download the flyer!

Download the flyer!

The city of Mérida, Yucatán, where we are currently based, is a beautiful city, but just beyond its facade lies the tragic reality of addiction, violence, and hopelessness. Of Mexico’s 31 states, Yucatán has the country’s third most severe domestic violence problem, the second largest number of people suffering from HIV infections, and the highest suicide rate. “Why” one asks, “that in a state noted for its laid back, tranquil life is such despair commonplace?” The answer is tied to the fact that here in the Yucatán less than one in ten have a relationship with Jesus.

Now is not a time to wait and hope for change to come. Now is the time to “Run with the Solution!” For that reason, we’ve planned our second Marathon for Mexico to help us return to the field for our second term without delay. This page is dedicated to that fund raising effort.

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Training Updates as Dave Prepares for the Marathon for Mexico 2

  • Exercise log 02/26/2016 - Just passed my 10k test: 6.22 miles in 46:13 A pace of 7:26 per mile.
  • Exercise log 02/25/2016 - 4 mile run in just under 40 minutes. I'm gearing up for a 10k trial run this weekend
  • Exercise log 02/24/2016 - I haven't kept up the logs over the past few days, but I have kept up the exercise. Over since my last post I've logged over 10 miles on the road and an hour of squash. Today will be pretty quiet. So far: 15 minutes of circuit training. The tiredness has definitely set in as I've been able to reach only 14.33 sets in the allotted time.
  • Exercise log 02/18/2016 - Circuit training today, 15 minutes. Happy to have been able to complete 16 full circuits in the time allotted
  • Exercise log 02/17/2016 - A busy morning kept me from being out early, but I was able to log 56 minutes walking with my wife in the evening.
  • Exercise log 02/16/2016 - This is my first log entry and the first step on the journey that I hope to make a habit. Today I ran 4 miles with my daughter Rebekah, who's on her way to a comeback 5K. Also, I did circuit training consisting of squats and 5 different types of lunges as well as push ups and v ups. Today, I improved from Friday of last week, accomplishing a full 14 circuits of the various types of exercise.
  • It's official, the license photos prove it! - I've been offline pretty much since my injury when it comes to the SparkBlog, but today I had something I'd thought you might enjoy seeing. It's a comparison of license photos. When it comes to weight loss milestones, it can't get much more official!

    In the first B&W photo, I weight 165, in the photo taken today, I weigh 145.

  • Then and Now by the Numbers - Today I mark my one year anniversary on Spark People. Here are the results:







    Body Fat




    Marathons since 2004


  • Marathon Recovery: It only hurts when I run... - So, I can use the elliptical trainer and give a full effort without pain. I can strength train, I can walk, and I can ride a bike without pain, but once I try to get going on a treadmill or start to jog, the ol' IT band starts to complain. Patience is my new mantra.
  • Grounded! - Finishing the marathon, I had the mind to continue my training and pick off a few races before the snow flies. I had one race, the Turkey Trot 10K, in my sights. I was hoping that the marathon training, coupled with a few tweaks via speed work, would have me running a PR (personal record) in that race.

    Nevertheless, after my Thursday run and my mid-morning walk with the kids this morning, I've come to the conclusion that I've got something akin to my IT band injuries after previo...
  1. Dan’s avatar

    So, looking at your mileage and goals, it APPEARS that you have let running “slip” a little while in Mexico…like you found something else to do with your time, huh? : ) Well, James (Meredith) and I are considering doing a marathon in mid-April here in Springfield…just depends where our mileage is by that time. This week is pretty low…I’ll only get about 28 or so in, but next week is looking good for mid-30s. Then I’ll be looking at doing some long runs later in the month. ANYWAY, all that to say, when you get back to Springfield, I hope you can join in on some runs! However, just so you’re prepared, MOST of our runs start at 4 a.m., though on weekends, sometimes we start as late as 5:30…unless we’re going long, then 4:30 or 5 is more common. Bass Pro… well, I’m not sure if I’ll be doing that one or not, but I’ll help you train for it. : )



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