MME Blog Features

You may be asking, “What can you do with a weblog (or “blog” for short)?”  Well, I glad that you asked.  I want to take a couple of lines to detail the features of Mexico Missive Expanded.


To begin with, Mexico Missive Expanded (MME) is really a pumped up newsletter.  You’ll be able to get in depth information and updates from our ministry as well as a chronicle of our activities that just couldn’t fit on our two page mailing.


MME is also much more.  It is a repository of information.  You are able to pull up our mission statement and missions profile in PDF format, suitable for printing and posting if necessary.  Also, we’ve attached our most recent newsletter, in case you’ve misplaced your copy, or were just about to sign up for our mailing list by emailing us.  (You can do that with a link as well.)


MME is also a gateway for contributing to our ministry.  By clicking on the Support this Ministry link, you will be taken to the secure A/G web server which will allow you to contribute to our ministry via credit card.  (Just be sure to pay that balance off at the end of the month!)


Finally, MME is a way to generate responses from you!  Click on the comment link attached to each posting, and you can let us know how each subject affects you.  We look forward to your responses.


So please, stay awhile and browse around.  We’ll be doing our best to keep this area fresh and up to date.

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