We’re Not in Missouri Anymore!

We thought that you might like a look at one of our house guests here in Costa Rica. With no winter to speak of here in San Jose the spiders have opportunity to grow quite large!

In actuality, there are only two seasons in Costa Rica, dry and rainy. Right now, were in the rainiest month of the year. It rains here nearly every afternoon. This will continue until December when the dry season begins. We have come to find out that the umbrella is a necessary item…sometimes the hard way!

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  1. Amy’s avatar

    Yikes! Maybe I won’t try to talk Joel into bringing us to Costa Rica for a visit.

    Fear of spiders runs deep in my family… My grandpa used to shoot them with a shotgun.

    We miss you guys.

  2. Rich Tatum’s avatar

    Hey Dave! I just discovered your blog, Wahoo! I had no idea you were headed to Mexico. I’ll say hi to Steve Badger next time I see him.

    I just linked to you from my PneumaBlogs page.


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