How Do You Drive in Ticoland?

How do you drive in Costa Rica, referred to as Ticoland by the nationals? You get a license of course!

Pictured to the left is Dave’s new “Tico License.” He spent the afternoon following classes this Friday getting his medical examination as well as standing in line to purchase his license.

The “vigorous” exam, administered by a chain-smoking doctor, consisted of about 4 medical questions, most answered by the doctor, some gym class style calesthenics, and an eye exam. After another hour of standing in line following the exam, Dave became licensed to drive anything from a small car to a large truck here in Costa Rica.

Not that he has plans to do much driving. Cars here in Costa Rica are expensive, and the purchase of a vehicle takes time and lots of money. Costa Rica imposes an additional 37% tax on all car purchases. Most Ticos use public transportation including the numerous taxis and public buses, but the license will provide a necessary form of identification as well as provide discouts throughout Costa Rica.

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