Monday left you feeling a little bewildered? With the Christmas rush, I’m sure that all of us have asked ourselves if we are coming or going, but how about if you ran into a sign like this one?

We have had a pretty good time with navigation through Mérida. The city is laid out like a grid even streets running north-south and odd east-west, but once you reach the street called Circuito Colonias, which is basically a circle route around the older central neighborhoods, throw logic out the window. We’ve now tried to navigate the eastern portion of this road three times, and each time we’ve ended up in a different location. Of course it’s no surprise with signs like this one leading the way. I guess things like this show us we still have a bit more to learn about this city.

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  1. Dan V’s avatar

    …man, just imagine trying to RUN that route and trying to find a Git N Go (if all the signage is similar in the area)! NO THANKS!! : ) : )

  2. Dave’s avatar

    Well, Oxxos are everywhere. That’s the local Git N Go. The problem is that many don’t take kindly to people coming in to just use the bathroom. You’d have to start running with some pocket change.

  3. mikegodz’s avatar

    Sounds like a typical day in Washington DC. Dupont Circle is always fun during rush hour.

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