New Traditions

This year, the Godzwa family rang in the New Year a bit differently. No watching the ball drop in Times Square for us. We welcomed 2007 Mexican style. That meant of course there had to be fireworks, lots of them, and the traditional eating of the grapes.

That’s right, when the clock strikes 12:00 Mexicans have a tradition of eating 12 grapes, one for each chime of the clock. The tradition started in Spain in the early 1900’s, some suggest, as a way to trim the excess of an especially large grape harvest for that year. Later, the custom was transported to Mexico where the grapes have taken a special significance. Each grape represents a wish for the new year: Health, Work, Love, Peace, Money, Success, Prosperity, Joy, Happiness, Harmony, Friendship, and Luck.

Of course, we all have our traditional ways to celebrate the New Year. Why don’t you share with us your favorite by dropping us a comment. We’d love to hear from you.

Well, however you had opportunity to ring in 2007, we do hope your celebration was festive, and we wish you all of the blessing and joy that following Jesus brings to you in 2007.

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  1. Dan V’s avatar

    Well, I ran the Run for the Ranch 1/2 marathon on the 31st — it started at 3 p.m. Cold, windy and with periods of rain. Didn’t run hard — 1:52 finish…though I did pick it up the last 3 or 4 miles…finishing with a pair of incredible inner thigh cramps and running like I was riding a broomstick horse. Must have looked pretty funny. THEN we watched the Packers destroy the Bears that evening. It was a GREAT way to enter the New Year! : ) So, basically, the tradition was the run — and then being with family. Though we were all in bed well before midnight! : )

  2. Dave’s avatar

    Sounds like fun, Dan. I\’ll be looking for the video on Google Videos!

  3. Gordon’s avatar

    Happy New Year to ya’ll from us to you Blessing and hope to see you the next time your here in Spfld.

  4. Brady’s avatar

    We brought in the new year the way most parents of young children do: sleeping . . . and hoping the kids sleep late!

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