A Practical Guide to Making and Eating the Breakfast Burrito

We’ve made it back from Muna, and we’ve got an update in the works about the trip. However, as we get things organized on our end, we thought that you might offer you something practical:

Breakfast burritos. Their popularity is undisputed. Far from being a Mexican restaurant only fare, they can be found nearly everywhere from McDonald’s to 7 Eleven. Still, although you may have enjoyed a breakfast burrito, perhaps as recently as this morning, can you say you know how to make one?

If your response was no, then Jonathan, our 6 year-old offers you this visual step by step guide on how to make and eat the famous breakfast burrito in this video. Enjoy!

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  1. Dan’s avatar

    Okay, first off, is this fair sending this to me when I haven’t eaten breakfast yet? : ) Next, I never actually saw him EAT the burrito…talk about a misleading headline — who’s your editor?!? : ) Well, hope you’re doing great on your running…, since I last wrote, I’ve barely run at all — got a nasty cold, then I hurt myself this week…looks like the April marathon is off, but I still might go out and run the half-marathon at the end of this month for fun. Well, keep in touch!

    1. Dave’s avatar

      You didn’t see him eat it? Maybe the video was cut off at the end? Did you not receive the link in the email? Stop by the site to get the full feed.

      Runningwise, I’m doing well. I’ve stayed away from the sickness, and although I took a nasty fall playing soccer, the sore knee doesn’t hurt when I’m running. So I’m climbing the ladder for a June start on my marathon training program.

      Get well soon, and I’ll look for your results if you run the half.

      1. Bill Unash’s avatar

        Dear Godzwas’
        Thanks for the update! I enjoyed reading through your website. We are praying for you.

      2. Dave’s avatar

        Hey Bill,

        Thanks for dropping by and leaving a note. Be looking for us in St. Louis. we’re headed to the US for itineration soon.

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