God hasn't commissioned us to make converts, or even to make Christians. He sent us to make disciples. Come along with us as we partner with the Mexican Assemblies of God on a mission to do just that.

Redemption will Happen as the Church is Established

Category: Mexico,Ministry

The local church is the key. Only as it is established will the vision of Mexico redeemed become a reality.


The Next Step

Category: Ministry,Missions

It has never been easier to take the next step into missions.


Sharing the Hope of Christmas

Category: Media,Mexico,Ministry

The future may seem dark, but the light has shone in the darkness and the darkness can never extinguish it.


At the Big Table

Category: Devotional,Ministry,Missions

In the same way we’d always wanted to be at the Big Table, when the time came, we found that those who were there to receive us were truly glad to have us.


Influencing the Next Generation

Category: Ministry,Thanks

Be them future missionaries or future missions supporters, it’s an honor to be able to influence the next generation.