God hasn't commissioned us to make converts, or even to make Christians. He sent us to make disciples. Come along with us as we partner with the Mexican Assemblies of God on a mission to do just that.

Follow Me!

Category: Ministry,Prayer,Progress

Jesus’s command is not to seek out the best circumstances—it is, rather, “Follow me!”


Jesus Commands Us to Go

Category: Devotional,Ministry

God has not rescued us from the world. On the contrary, he’s commissioned us to go into the world as his ambassadors of light in the midst of darkness.


Forty Days to Listen

Category: Missions,Prayer,Progress

With a hunger to see God’s kingdom break through and an acute awareness of our human inability, we join with missionaries from around the world to turn our ear to the Spirit.


New Normal or New Creation?

Category: Devotional

The life that we knew was no paradise; it was at best a life “in-between” and there was yet a work to be done, not only in the world but also in us.


Glass Shards: Walking Toward Maturity as Disciples and Missionaries

Category: Devotional,Ministry,Missions

The understanding that we are all at varying points on the process of spiritual maturity produces just the humility we need.