Evangelism Outreach By the Numbers

This is a shot of the outreach team in front the shelter that is currently being used as a meeting place for the mission. This past Saturday, July 16th, in Oxcum, Yucatan, the class members of my Practical Evangelism class took part in an all day evangelistic event that they planned, organized, and executed from start to finish.  Here is an overview of what took place by the numbers:


  • Class members: 28
  • Medical Professionals: 2
  • Hairstylists: 10
  • Clowns: 1
  • Mariachis: 1
  • Evangelists: 1


  • Medical Consultations: 50
  • Fluoride Treatments: 40
  • Haircuts: 100
  • Pieces of clothing distributed: 200+
  • Bags of Groceries donated: 20
  • Commitment cards signed: 10

Of course, it’s impossible to quantify the seeds planted, the attitudes toward the gospel changed, or the faith grown in the lives of all who took part in the activity.  Thank you to all who prayed for the event.

If you’re interested, more photos are available here or on facebook!


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  1. Chris Schneider’s avatar

    Awesome you guys! Keep on pressing forward : )

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