Harmonizing in Yucatan

The Symphony Orchestra of Yucatan

There is just something about harmony that makes things special. In music, it fills the spaces; it adds depth and color. What might be impressive as a solo piece becomes something positively majestic when instruments and voices blend together in perfect harmony.

In ministry, it is just the same. We celebrate the accomplishments of the individual, but we strive to see the all the members of the Church working together in unity. While God can do much through the efforts of one surrendered heart, what can be accomplished when an entire community of believers makes itself available to be used by Him can be truly staggering.

This is the type of harmony that I believe we can achieve here in the Yucatan in the area of church planting. We’ve spoken already of the ministry of church planting that we are undertaking in coordination with the Jesus Film in the Maya language, a ministry designed to plant new, indigenous works in unreached areas. Now, we are seeing others join the vision of expanding the influence of the Kingdom of God as the District of Yucatán promotes the planting of reproducible churches.

Durning the month of January, district officials have invited Abimael Borbolla, the district superintendent of The Mexican state of Oaxaca to tour through the state of Yucatan and to challenge church leaders to look beyond their four walls, to reach out into unreached areas, and to plant new works, new works designed to grow and plant others.

The picture he painted was challenging. Since 1943, the birth of the Assemblies of God in Yucatán, 188 churches have been founded and sustained. When we compare these numbers to the 3,363 cities, towns, and villages that exist in our state, we find that only 6.5% of its inhabitants have access to the message that we preach. (Actually, the actual percentage would be lower as certain cities have more than one A/G church.) What is more sobering is that, at our current growth rate of 2.7 churches per year, we would not be able to finish the task of establishing a congregation in each location until the year 3258.

Nevertheless, I left the conference full of hope, not from the view of the enormity of the task, but from the comprehension of what we could achieve if we work together. As he challenged those of us assembled to plant new works, Abimael showed us that, if each church would commit itself to planting just one new, reproducible church every 5 years, the task could be accomplished in only 25 years.

The work is difficult but not impossible. As we see a vision cast and a church respond, we are beginning to see harmony take shape, a harmony that will enable us fulfill the calling to make disciples here in the Yucatán and beyond. As I reflect on the possibilities, I’m more excited than ever to be a part of what God is doing among us.

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