Out with the old…

As all of us approach a new year, we are looking forward to a new trimester of studies here at CINCEL. We celebrated graduation here on Friday, and said goodbye to twelve of our classmates, including Brian and Dena Norvell, missionaries to the state of Sinaloa Mexico, and Mark and Sandra Smith, missionary associates to the Mexican border. We are sad to see them go, but glad that they are now moving on to the work!
Kelly and I, meanwhile, received our marks for the current trimester on Friday. We have both advanced well, receiving high marks in our oral examination as well as in our classes. We have also noticed advancement as we go about our everyday activities. It is nice to be able to talk intelligibly with the people in street instead of playing charades! Thanks for your prayers on our behalf for this area of our ministry. They are working!

We are now able to rest for a bit before the new trimester begins in January. Actually, we’re looking forward to catching up on a few things that have been neglected since school began in September!

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