Taking the plunge into 2006!

The New Year has begun with a bang, literally, here in San Jose. It all started with a get together in our house, where the language school students, as well as several of the resident missionaries rang in 2006 with some highly competitive games of UNO Attack and Cranium , as the kids stayed up to celebrate amidst the explosions of bottle rockets and firecrackers throughout the neighborhood.

Following a groggy first, I drove for the first time here in San Jose (good thing I had a license), practicing in order to get the new students arriving on the third to the grocery store to pick up their first round of necessities. Following a slight detour onto the autopista, we were able navigate successfully thorough the streets of Curridabat and Zapote, arriving at our house a little wiser, and perhaps older from the excitement.

The new students arrived on the third, full of excitement and wonder as they hit the tunnel leading from the airport and into the Costa Rican night. Memories rushed back of our first days here. It is hard to believe that it has been 4 months since we’d landed. Among the arriving students were Josh and April Amiot and Peter and Delia Breit, fellow missionaries to Mexico, and we got to pass along the favor that Missionaries Mark and Sandra Smith did for us as newbies here at CINCEL.
Some other items:

  • The trimester starts tomorrow with a welcome lunch. We begin classes on Tuesday morning.
  • Mike (my twin brother) was mistaken for me during the World Missions Summit you can read about his experience at his blog.
  • We tried for the second time to view the crater of the Volcano Poas, but we were unsuccessful as the clouds kept us from reaching the top. We did stop at the Tres Generaciones coffee plantation again, this time for the tour. We’ve added more pictures to our coffee collection for your viewing pleasure.
  • Kelly updated her blog with more about the kids and the goings on in the Godzwa household.
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