Irony of ironies! I had just read Amy Maxwell’s sad post on the loss of her Palm when I left for our Luis Palau drama team practice, as always with my Pocket PC in the left pocket of my cargo pants. In the drama, we needed to simulate a car crash. Of course, when there is a car crash, usually the occupants (especially if they are not wearing their seatbelts) don’t stay in a proper seated position. In this case, as we were standing, we needed to fall towards the audience, which was to my left. I performed a classic fall, rounding my body to absorb the impact in non-critical places. It was one for the movies. However, my Pocket PC just happened to be in one of those “non-critical” areas. I felt the impact when I fell, but since I had the PC in it’s case, I thought nothing of it, but when I powered it on again, “Alas! No screen, only lines!”

Fevershly, I pulled the PC out of the case, reseting the system thinking that I might just be a glitch. No luck. Perhaps a wire that needs reseated, I thought. But after two hours of talking with tech support, pulling out and reseating wires, I found that my efforts were of no avail. My electronic friend, my Bible, my itineration manager, my newspaper, and my Spanish translator were gone in the fraction of a second.

Fortunately for me, my wife, Kelly, who just so happens to be the most wonderful person in my life has let me use hers in the time being. Thank you honey! Of course, it was also a comfort to know that it died in the line of duty.

So long faithful worker. You will be missed!

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  1. mikegodz’s avatar

    OUCH!!! I feel for you bro. I’m going to start looking for a hard case for my electronic friend.

  2. David’s avatar

    Thanks for the sentiment Mike. Actually, I’m carrying Kelly’s Pocket PC in a hard case now. I certainly don’t want to have a repeat incident.

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