There is a song that says, “It is no secret, what God can do…,” but knowledge and expectations at times can be two totally different things. In the case of the Luis Palau Festival God blew away the expectations!

The students of CINCEL got a chance to be a part of the festival, as I had mentioned in this previous post, presenting a 15 minute “mini-show” to the children on Friday night. The picture above is of what had a chance to witness during the call for those who wanted to ask Christ into their hearts following the show. Dozens of children came to the Lord that night. More than that, the workers were able to collect information from over 4000 children who made a committment to the Lord during the two day event. Like I said, “It is no secret,” but at times it can be surprising what God can do.

Thanks to Renay West for the great photography. The photo album is posted here.

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