Ministry starts here

Now that we have about 6 months of Spanish under our belts, we feel fairly confident to travel in San José and to go about our daily activities. Still, expressing thoughts, wishes, and feelings can be a stretch for our minds and our mouths. So sharing about our relationship with Christ in Spanish has been a challenge to say the least. Still, we are aware that ministry is not just what is waiting for us in Mexico. Ministry starts here in language school as well.

That is why when the students from CINCEL had been given the opportunity to participate in the Luis Palau festival we felt lead to join the team. This weekend’s festival which features Luis Palau, considered to be the Latin Billy Graham, is expected to draw upwards of 100,000. We have been working on a 15 minute “mini-show” to present during the children’s portion of the program. During this show we will be presenting a clear message of the gospel in Spanish to which the children watching the program will be given an opportunity to respond.

Please pray for the following:

  • That all of the logistics of the campaign will move smoothly.
    That God will prepare the hearts of those who will attend the festival to hear the message of the cross of Jesus.
  • That God would work through our “mini-show” as well as the other events in order to motivate children and adults to have a relationship with Him.
  • That God would help Luis Palau to communicate clearly the message of reconciliation with God through His Son Jesus Christ.
  • That the cooperation among the evangelical churches that this festival has provoked will continue.
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