We’ve received our invitation

We’d like to say thank you to all who had been praying for us as we travelled to Mexico for our meeting with the general presbytry there. Here are some things that did not happen:

  • We did not have trouble exiting Costa Rica or entering Mexico.
  • We did not find ourselves delayed or detained as a result of the protests that have gridlocked Mexico City following the July 2nd elections.
  • We did not have any problems on our return trip and arrived in Costa Rica, albeit tired, nearly on time yesterday.

Here are some things that did happen:

  • We have received an invitation from the Mexican Presbytry to work with missionaries Paul and Sandy Kazim in M�rida Mexico. (The picture above is of the municipal palace there.)
  • We have secured housing in M�rida, which mean we’ll be able to move right in when we arrive at the end of August.
  • We were able to leave a number of personal items in Mexico during the time we were there, making our move from Costa Rica that much easier.
  • We have benefitted from the strength of your support and prayers. Thank you!

We now are facing the task of packing up our apartment here in Costa Rica in order to prepare for our August 13th departure. Please continue to remember us as we go through this time of transition.

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