The Road to Merida: We Made It!

As you can see, the two Dave’s finally made it from Springfield MO, all the way to Merida. The two hour trip from Campeche was very uneventful, which was a pleasant change from the travels of the previous days.

We arrived in Merida at about 10:30 AM and got right into the work, unloading boxes, receiving deliveries, and getting things situated so that we can officially move in to our home. While we’d been driving, Kelly had been doing the real work setting up house here in Merida, and we’re certainly getting close to that point. In the meantime, we’ve been enjoying the hospitality of fellow missionaries Paul and Sandy Kazim.

Of course, the sweetest thing about the journey was the reunion and the realization that even though we have moved seemingly all over the world, home is where the family is.

Even though our journey has ended, our mission is just beginning. Keep checking back to stay updated, and keep us in your prayers.

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  1. Anonymous’s avatar

    Saludos desde Guadalajara, Mexico. We are so happy that the entire Godzwa family has made it safe and sound to Merida! We love and miss you. La familia Vasquez

  2. Anonymous’s avatar

    We have been following your journey and are excited to hear the great things that come from Merida. Even though we haven’t lived close to each other for several years, after seeing the picture of the family in Merida, reality has set in. You guys live in Mexico!!! We await anxiously news from the South of all the great things God will accomplish through you. Glad you ALL made it safely. The Shuert family

  3. Dan V’s avatar

    Well, your “run ins with the law” wouldn’t have been so frequent if you would have stopped with the “Badjus? BADJUS?!? We don’ nee’ no stinkun’ badjus!” at the checkpoints! : ) Glad you guys made it! Keep in touch!

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