The Road to Merida: Simple Pleasures

How does the song go? When the dog bites, when the bees sting? Yes, when things don’t go the way that you’d like them to go, it is always refreshing to think about your favorite things. In this case, I thought alot about my family. I sure miss them, and the Dave’s are doing there best to reach the reunion. We would have like for it to have been today, but the local police again made that impossible. We’ve made it as far as Campeche, which sits about 2-3 hours south of Merida on the Yucatan.

I’m choosing not to dwell on that though so I’ll talk about the picture above. It is of Kelly’s dad sitting behind one of the waiters of the restaurant “El Gran CafĂ© La Parroquia” which is located in Veracruz. We had a chance to experience one of their famous “lecheros” or cafe con leche, which they pour from a distance. It was a true delight, especially after some of the unsavory experiences that we have had over the past few days.

Still, we’re blessed. Our vehicle has been great, we have our health and our stuff, we’re going to arrive in Merida tomorrow, and while our run-ins with the law haven’t been the best, I could sure imagine worse. Thanks for your continued prayers and stay tuned for the reunion post!

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  1. honhol’s avatar

    awesome guys. love reading the blog. I just can’t imagine doing this with all of your kids. They must be real troopers!

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