Ahhh… Coffee.

Coffee SmileKelly and I had a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of the everyday as we were looking for a birthday present for a local pastor’s wife. With the kids being watched by fellow missionaries and the present acquired, a stop at the local Segafredo Café gave us time to talk, plan, and enjoy one another for a while. Kelly ordered an Oreo Frappé, and I ordered my usual Espresso Macchiato. My recent sickness had kept me from heading out, and our stash of coffee at home was depleted, so expectations were high as we awaited our order. I’m happy to say that not only did the coffee meet our expectations, but that mine arrived with a smile.

The smile got me thinking. We have found coffee to be more than just a morning pick me up. Kelly and I have seen our relationship grow stronger and other relationships formed within the conversations we’ve shared around coffee. We’ve now had several Yucatecos over our house to enjoy a cappuccino or a vacuum brew, and, much more than enjoy the coffee itself, they’ve opened up their lives to us, sharing thoughts and feelings that we’d never hear in other settings.

I’ve also found open doors to relationship where I purchase my coffee. There is a small café near the foot of Paseo de Montejo called Café Cafico. There the owner, Federico, roasts and sells coffee from all of the growing regions here in Mexico. He has been my source for the raw coffee that I use to roast at home and good conversation as well. We’ve talked about everything from Mexico City, to the political system, to the Catholic Church in my twice monthly “meetings” with him. Yet we’ve also talked about man’s problem of sin and the need for relationship with Christ.

Who’d thought that when my brother bought me my first Mr Coffee 4 cupper at CBC that I would be lead on a journey to discover, not only how to create a great cup of coffee, but also the revealing and redemptive relationships that form around this beautiful beverage. Espresso anyone?

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  1. Kel’s avatar

    Thanks for making coffee for me as well, Honey. Every morning I am met with your smile and a cappuccino. I don’t ever want to take either one for granted and I miss you both when you’re gone . . .. Love ya, Kel

  2. Terri’s avatar

    Excellent photo of the coffee smile! What type and model of camera do you have?

  3. Dave’s avatar


    I actually took the picture on my cell phone. It’s a Nokia 6101.

  4. Mike’s avatar

    Amen and you’re welcome 🙂

  5. Patti’s avatar

    Amen, brother! You’re preachin’ to the choir here — life simply would not be the SAME without coffee! Here at HQ I have a coffeemaker in my office

    everyone else makes it too weak to suit me! So I bring my own beans and grinder, and away we go!

  6. Diana’s avatar

    It is interesting to note that many (or most — or maybe all) of the missionaries with whom we correspond find simple ways to form relationships with people — and then use those opportunities to share Jesus. Several years ago, this simple strategy finally soaked into my somewhat dull brain, and I thought — “I can do that”. I’m sure I am not as effective as you missionaries, and I certainly forget to use all the opportunities I am given. But at least I am aware of the possibilities and try to make sure that those people with whom I have a relationship know about Jesus. Thanks for the timely reminder.

  7. Amy’s avatar

    We miss you and Kelly and our coffee conversations. Though I’m reminded of the your friendship every time I make a cup of coffee… since I still have all the gadgets you left behind.

  8. holly’s avatar

    I hate coffee!! Brad loves it though and frequently comments on how much I am missing out by not getting into “it.” His christmas present was a delux espresso machine that he saved months for and I contributed the rest for his Christmas present. He loves it so much he talks to the espresso maker and pets it. O.k…that’s probably too much information, but apparently this coffee thing is a powerful thing. Me? it’s all about diet coke.

  9. Dave’s avatar


    I haven’t been checking back on the comments lately, thinking that I would be receiving emails for moderation when they came through. However, it appears that a few regulars have gotten in their comments without me noticing. Thanks for the notes.


    We’ve come to find that relationship is the basis to ministry in general. John Maxwell says, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” We see Jesus using the same techniques throughout the Gospels. Eating, conversing and just being with the people that he ministered to. I think this is what Jesus was talking about when he mentioned the yeast working its way through the dough. I’m glad that you’ve also found success in this “incarnational” type of ministry. We’ll be praying that it will continue to yield fruit.


    Keep the coffee hot! We’re hoping to renew some of those conversations when we get back in ’08.


    I’m sure Brad and I will keep praying that you’ll acquire the “taste” for coffee. Brad, the next step, of course, is home roasting!

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