In This for the Long Haul

It’s official! We’ve just received notice from Assemblies of God World Missions (AGWM), our missions sending agency, of our status change from Special Assignment to Appointed General Missionaries.

What does that mean? Well Special Assignment Missionaries are contracted to work for a period of time. They are called in in specialized circumstances for specific jobs. Appointed General Missionaries are missionaries who believe that God has called them to a lifetime of missionary service and who are involved in general missionary work from church planting and construction to Bible School ministry and leadership development.

While we always felt and communicated our lifetime commitment to missions, this status change marks for us the maturation of our calling in the eyes of AGWM. It’s a recognition of our ministry and the communication of their belief that the Lord will continue to use us to fulfill his purpose to win the world for Christ.

So celebrate with us! This is a milestone that we’ve achieved with your help. Pray for us as well that we’ll continue to merit the favor that we’ve been shown over the long haul.

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  1. FredyeTerisa Vasquez’s avatar

    Yeah! Congrats guys!! Love to you…

  2. Fredy Terisa Vasquez’s avatar

    Yeah! Congrats guys!! Love to you…

  3. Delia Breit’s avatar

    That is wonderful! Big hug to your kids for us.

  4. Dave Greco’s avatar

    Not at all surprised, but proud of you guys, and blessed to have you in Mexico!

  5. April Amiot’s avatar

    does it also come with a bigger budget?

  6. David Godzwa’s avatar

    Thanks for all of the great comments. We appreciate being on your team!April, We've had our budget adjusted up slightly :-), but we've been working on that increased amount since January when we knew that this change was in process.

  7. April Amiot’s avatar

    Super! at least there was no sticker shock with that status upgrade!

  8. Chris’s avatar

    Congratulations on this milestone.

    Hope to meet you one day when the Lord opens the doors for me to come to that part of Mexico.

    Chris Walker

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