Disciple Mexico.org Now on Facebook!


Since April 2005, we’ve been keeping you informed about our ministry through this website disciplemexico.org. Since that date, we’ve posted pictures, stories, newsletters and more, chronicling our journey of over 8 years.

Still, amount of information has the tendency to get buried on a website. That’s why we’ve just brought on-line our new Facebook page, Disciple Mexico.org. All of the pictures and all of the newsletters are now available for you to browse on the Timeline, so you’ll be able to look through the memories without all of the digging. What’s more, liking the page will give you access to all of our updates on Facebook and our website, without clogging up your inbox. So hit the link and head over to our Facebook page, Disciple Mexico.org and take a look for yourself. Don’t forget to click “Like” while your there!

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