Headed Out of Town

Typical home in MunaIf you’ve been looking at the Upcoming Events module, We’re nearly set to embark on our first missions team project. We’ll be headed south from Mérida to the small city of Muna. There, Kelly, the kids, and I, along with a group from America University’s Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship (led by my twin brother, Mike), will be building, painting, and evangelizing. We’ll be partnering with the Lilly of the Valley Church, pastored by Julian Puc Tum to raise a column to support the second floor of their building, painting in the newly constructed pastoral home, and holding evangelistic services for kids and youth.

We ask that you would join with us in prayer as we work with this group. We would ask for your prayers concerning our safety during the construction, our health, especially for those adjusting to the new environment and foods, and our outreach. Also, we would ask that you would pray for the team members. Many future missionaries are called during missions trips like this one. Pray that God would not only touch hearts in Muna, but also those of our group, that they might be open to His call to “Go!”

Needless to say, this one week trip will see me away from the computer for a while. So, although you are always free to drop a comment, it may be held in moderation before being published. While you are waiting for the comment to go, why don’t you head over to our photo album to view shots of Muna and the surrounding area.

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