From Kelly: Vacation Bible School Report

Kelly took some time to answer a few questions about a special event that took place at our home church here in Mérida.

What special event took place in your church this summer?

Each summer, our church gears up for a special week dedicated to kids – church kids, neighbors kids, and friends of church and neighbor kids. Several church members and youth, including Rebekah and me, dedicate 8+ weeks of preparation to EBDV, which is an acronym that essentially stands for Vacation Bible School (VBS). The theme this year of “Buenas Noticias” (“good news”) was taught through the lives of several prophets using different communication media such as cell phones and newspapers. Each day highlighted a different prophet and medium. Wednesday, for example, was the prophet Joel, and the lesson of “Esperanza” (hope) was taught using a homemade television that scrolled the lesson illustrations. It was a very creative and interactive theme this year!

Who got involved?

The director, teachers, and helpers all contributed in making the decorations, props, and tools used throughout the week. Also, several youth worked with the choreographer to learn the songs and motions that were incorporated into the daily activities. And then there was the kitchen crew who dedicated their time in preparing and serving everyone a meal during the week long event. Even our pastor made the rounds, observing and visiting each of the classes and lending a hand where it was needed.

What were your specific roles?

Rebekah, although a participant in a middle school age class, formed part of the drama team that presented skits that fit the theme each day. I, on the other hand, co-taught with anther mom in the toddler class – what a joy! Oh, and you could say I was also the unofficial official photographer throughout the week.

What was the greatest moment you experienced?

Being involved with co-teaching the Youth Sunday School class with Dave, I was especially delighted this year to see how many youth dug right in and got their hands dirty. We’ve been teaching about various themes throughout this year, including service within the church and evangelism. This event incorporated these two beautifully, and it was great to see our youth in action!

Did you come away with any personal lessons?

Dedicating time to an event of this magnitude gives a sense of unity within a body of believers – both young and old alike. You can see how each person does their part, contributing in ways that could not be easily be duplicated by another, and yet accomplishing a goal much bigger than any one individual. It reminds me of the Scriptures that talk about “how good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!” (Psalm 133:1)

Will you get involved again next year?

I have to say that my first thought, when I hear that the season of EBDV is rolling around, involves a little bit of apprehension because of the time commitment and work involved in preparation. However, the blessings certainly outweigh the time and energy invested. I would have more trouble staying away than jumping in with both feet! What better way to model what I teach than by being that living example, both to my own kids and to others in our community.

Interested in seeing more? Take a look at our photo gallery of the week’s events!

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  1. Kimberly~Mom/Grandma Kim’s avatar

    Looks like a lot of love, dedication, and joy went into your VBS. Great work Kelly, Rebekah, and everyone else!! 🙂

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