The Proclaimer Project: Status Update


It’s been four months since the delivery of the first Proclaimer, an audio Bible programmed with the New Testament in the Mayan language. Since that time, we’ve distributed seven devices throughout the Yucatan, with encouraging results.  Here are some of the comments we’ve been receiving:

From Chemax: “It’s so uplifting to be able to understand the Word of God in our own language.”

From Santa Maria: “Our group members enjoy listening to the audio Bible because they are able to understand it without any explanation.”

Not only are they understanding the Bible, they are being touched by its message. Again, from our participants:

“One of our members was moved when he heard about the need to pardon his neighbor.”

Moments like these lead those who experience them to live out the implications of the message, a message that is able to reach them now that the barriers to its understanding have been removed.

Thanks for helping remove obstacles to the gospel and build bridges to its understanding and application here in the Yucatan.

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