Realizing the Vision

RealizeVisionWeb In our December newsletter, I spoke of the vision that compels us to return to Mexico–the vision of the Yucatan peninsula full of churches diverse in class, status, education, and language, but united in their love for the Lord and one another. Still, seeing the goal is one thing and realizing it is something else entirely.

That is why we’ve taken the time to chart the steps that will keep us on task and propel us toward realizing the vision. The steps are concise but by no means simple: inspire, equip, partner, and implement.

Inspiration is the essential first step. It is the activity of helping others see the need and encouraging them to see how they can be a part of its fulfillment. As we preach, teach, and interact on a day-to-day basis, this will be our aim.

Equipping consists of facilitating the skills and resources essential to fulfilling the vision. This includes ministerial formation both in formal and informal settings.

Partnership follows as an essential task. While the vision is general, its application in each context must take into consideration the specific challenges of the community where each church is to be planted. We seek to come alongside those who not only share our vision but also have insight into their particular community so that the vision might be fleshed out in its proper form.
Implementation, the final step, comes as we assess the challenges and leverage the resources, both spiritual and practical, to carry out a plan of action for each community.

We can’t predict the future, but we are confident that a clearly defined, God-given vision, combined with a solid Spirit-led plan of action, will enable us to make the difference on the Yucatan peninsula.

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