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Dave Greco, our area director, emailed us in anticipation of this Sunday’s celebration of the Resurrection. In his email, he reflected on a missiology lecture given during his days at language school. In the lecture, the guest speaker recounted the events of Christ’s passion–the betrayal of a friend, the abandonment of his followers, the mockery of a trial that led to his execution, even a plot used to cover up the resurrection. He reviewed them all to emphasize his point. “God is not limited by circumstances. He is well able to work His will, even in corrupt situations.”

Even though it seemed that Satan was given a free hand to accomplish his will, even though it seemed that everything that could go wrong did, the empty tomb on Sunday morning proved that God still won the day.

As we look at the situation in Mexico, it may seem that evil has had it’s way. The news reports of assassinations, kidnapings, and war between drug traffickers and the government paint a desperate picture, but God is not limited by circumstances.

So this month, on the eve of the celebration of our Savior’s resurrection, I’d ask that you’d pray, that in the midst of this corrupt situation that God would show himself to be sovereignly in control in Mexico. Pray that in this country where sin seems to increase, that grace might increase all the more. Pray that where evil has held this country in slavery redemption might occur, and that where hope seems to have died, a resurrection might take place.

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