Missions Team: Doing What it Takes

Tonight, the Chi Alpha missions team is back reporting about their experiences in their Thursday Night Worship Service. Here as well, on disciplemexico.org, our time-delayed report continues:

Tuesday, March 13th

What do you do when you don’t know the language and you want to convey the love of Jesus? You spend time with people. And that is exactly what our team did during our special children’s service on Tuesday.

After a few hours of painting, we headed out to hand out fliers announcing our children’s service. Using the back of a pickup as our transportation, we went from house to house, meeting kids and their parents, dressed in our work clothes, inviting them to come and see what these crazy Americans were doing. And came they did, at first only a few, but in time, the stands began to fill with curious kids and their relatives.

Several songs, skits, a project, and a couple of football (soccer) games later, they had passed from a group of curious onlookers to a bunch of new friends, and it wasn’t because of our mastery of the language. It was because a group of university students decided to take a week’s vacation and give themselves completely to showing the kids of Muna the love of Jesus, no matter how silly that they looked trying!

Speaking of silliness, take a look at the attached video. Here, Mike, Helmer, and I are leading the crowd in the song “Trading my Sorrows.” We’re thankful that the phrase “la, la, la” works in Spanish and in English!

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