Missions Team: Wrapping Things Up

This is the conclusion of our time-delayed coverage of the Spring Break Chi Alpha Missions Team that we hosted from March 10-17 in Muna, Yucat√°n. For the full story you might want to start at the beginning.

Thursday, March 15th

Ashley Sitting Thursday marked our final day of work in Muna, and certainly a bittersweet time for all of us. We finished painting the pastor’s house just in time to see the carpenters tearing down the walls of the pastor’s old home. They were removing the old home in order to make way for the columns that will support the new second floor of the church, where new classrooms will be built. With the new home completed, the pastor and his family were able to begin to move their possessions looking forward to a new house, and a new church building as well.

Thursday was also a day for finishing our ministry. Helmer preached to the youth of the church a message about being called upon by God to do what others may feel is the impossible. Speaking from the story of David and Goliath, he called upon the youth to prepare themselves now, in their daily routines, for the task that God has in store for them.

In a way, he was telling our story. In the course of a week’s time, God had taken a group of youth and their leaders out of their comfort zone, their daily routines, and thrust them into service for him.Mike and Dave Ministering He took a group of very dissimilar people, and brought them together to see something happen in Muna. And something did happen. We saw work done and a church being built, but more than that, we saw God touch the lives of children, youth and adults alike.

As the final service came to a close, the members of the church filed past us, each one blessing us for what we had allowed God to do through us. Few dry eyes were to be found in the building.

All of this wouldn’t have happened had we chosen to stay at home. It wouldn’t have happened if each member of the team hadn’t determined to sacrifice their Spring Break to fly to a corner of Mexico, where the people still speak Maya and the main mode of transportation is the bicycle, as an answer to God’s call.

We would have missed out as well. God did a special work inside each member of the group during the week’s time. Mike has put together a special video report of the trip. In it, you’ll be able to hear from each team member their impression of the trip.

So as we conclude this extended report of the Spring Break Missions Team, I’d like to thank each member: Mike, Ashley, Bethany, Helmer, Julia, Kaia, Kelsey, Kelly, Rebekah, Joseph, and Jonathan for their involvement, and I’d like to challenge you to say yes to the call of God on your life. True his plan can succeed without you, but what a privilege to be able to partner with Him to see something beautiful happen–Not only in those being served, but in those serving as well.

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