Back with a Story to Tell

Mun HaAbout 9 days ago, I posted about the arrival of the Chi Alpha team from Washington D.C. Well in that time they’ve arrived, ministered, painted, toured, and should now be back in D.C. recovering just in time to start up classes again this Monday. However, for those of you who are following from home, the fun is just beginning. Like the time-delayed coverage of the Olympics of years past, we’re offering coverage of our first missions team along with all of the twists and turns along the way.

The series reads as follows: (Just click on the first title and click on the back arrow to come back to this listing)

Post #1: Anticipation
Post #2: The Love of the Father

Post #3: Looking for God in the Dark
Post #4: Doing What it Takes
Post #5: Flexibility? Check!
Post #6: Wrapping Things Up

Note: The picture above is a picture of where our family stayed while we were ministering in Muna. The site is called Mun-Ha, and boasts traditional cabanas (no A/C or indoor plumbing folks) complete with grass roofs, offering the perfect base for a week of servant-ministry.

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