Double Take

doubletakelead.jpgWe’ve made it to Cincinnati where an estimated 6,000 have gathered to respond to the challenge to “give a year and pray about a lifetime.” Of course, with this event being sponsored by Chi Alpha, my brother twin brother, Mike, is also here, having brought his Chi Alpha team from American University where he serves as a campus pastor. This has made for an interesting mix of “worlds” where several, knowing either Mike or I but not the both of us, have found themselves greeting a complete stranger when they were expecting to talk with an old friend. As the interactions became more frequent, I decided to catalog the encounters and put up an album of my new friends. Click here , or on the picture of Mike and I to launch the album.

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  1. Amy’s avatar

    Awesome idea. Every time I visit my family back home I get my twin sister in trouble. I never smile and wave at the right strangers. I need to start taking photos with all of the people I fail to wave at in Wal*Mart in Dumas, Texas.

  2. Dave’s avatar


    Glad we could help you out.

    We had several people actually mad at us for not letting them know that we had a twin. After all of these encounters, I’ve decided that I’d better start introducing myself by saying, “Hi, I’m Dave, and in case you ever run into him, I have a twin, Mike. He has three boys and a wife with light brown hair.”

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