Waking up to World Missions

wakeupOne of my favorite Christmas gifts was one I wasn’t even wishing for, a set of world-shaped coffee mugs. My mother-in-law had one of these in a cabinet for several years, and I always tried to get my hands on it when breakfast time rolled around. It just seemed appropriate, me being a world missionary and all. She picked up on the hint and bought me an entire set this year.

Of course, I’m not the only one waking up to world missions in this new year. Several students who attended the World Missions Summit have also woken up to their responsibility to be a part of the great commission. Over 4000 attended the conference with 845 commitments to “give a year and pray about a lifetime” made at the event, a number that is sure to rise over the coming days.

064We were blessed to link up with several of these students as we hosted four “Meal with a Missionary” events throughout the week. We had a chance to share our call, while we affirmed each participant in what the Lord was doing in their lives. We wish them well as they follow God’s direction.

How about you? How are you waking up this year to the Great Commission? Drop me a comment and let’s talk about it.

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  1. Dan Smith’s avatar

    I’ve been a subscriber to your blog for sometime, and I’ve been convicted before, but with another missionary blog I read and yours coming in quick succession, maybe it’s time to start really thinking through this.
    I’m about to leave on a six month US Navy deployment where I will be more or less cooped up with a lot of guys for a long time. I don’t know if I will be able to witness to those of other countries, but I do hope to do a couple of things. First, I hope to meet Christians in foriegn ports. I would like to encourage them if possible. Secondly, I hope to carry out the commission on my ship. It’ s not something that comes easy to me. I’m a horrible evangelist and struggle with fear and my mouth.
    But that’s my hope. Thanks for your post. It was really good!

    1. Dave’s avatar


      Thanks for your comment. I think that all of us have much to learn and more to give in the area of the Great Commission. If there was one challenge that I received from the World Missions Summit, it was that there is no “arriving” in this. We can never say to here and no further. We are on a constant journey of growing and stretching until that day when Jesus calls us home or comes back to get us.

      It’s my prayer that God will enable you to continue on this journey while on-ship and use you to make disciples along the way.

    2. Dan Van Veen’s avatar

      Okay, now for my kind of question. A question that I believe many of your readers want to know . . . when you arrived in the U.S. from Mexico, where I’m sure you were already experiencing some unthinkably frigid conditions — 78 or something — what was it like stepping out into a “new world” of snow and sub-freezing temperatures? Did your skin crack . . . or just run back inside the house on its own? : ) Personally, I’m thinking I would have liked to have gone for a run with you on that first day . . . you and your double-layer stocking cap, headband, ski-mask, neck gator, five layers of shirts, triple-layer tights, wool socks . . . and all under your knee-length parka. : )

      1. Dave’s avatar

        Truth be told, Dan, I went out on the 23rd for a run. The temp was 17 degrees with wind. I went out wearing my running pants, shirt, jacket, hat and gloves. No parka, wool socks, ski mask, or other such ridiculousness. Here’s proof for the skeptics: Sure it was cold, but 32 years living in it won’t wear off after only 3 years in the tropics.

        BTW, I went for a run yesterday in my shorts and t-shirt. It was in the 80s.

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