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We’ve struggled hard to make it work. We’ve tried every option we could think of, but we just couldn’t stay. So we’ve packed up and moved. That’s right, our ministry photos, which were previously hosted on Facebook have been moved, everyone of them, to Google+.

Since 2008, we’d been posting our photos to Facebook and later linking them here at discipleMexico.org in our posts and gallery. However, with the recent changes at Facebook and the lack of support for our plugin that made those photos appear on the site, we’ve had to move all of them to Google+. However, after several days of packing and unpacking, we’re happy to report that the pictures are up and ready again to be seen!

For those of you wanting to visit, they have a new address here at disciplemexico.org: www.disciplemexico.org/gallery. So stop by and take a look, and take a walk down memory lane with us. We’ve also got some new photos posted from the Regional Church Planting Seminars, and don’t worry, you won’t need to bring a housewarming gift.

Photo “suitcases at the Brooklyn Flea” used under Creative Commons by kthread and is available on flickr.com.

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Well, not really, but stops and starts made putting together an introductory video something of a long-term project. Originally started as a response to a request from Glad Tidings Assemblies of God in West Lawn, PA for videos from the missionaries that they support, we decided an intro video could serve our website guests as well. We made two versions, one to be shown on a Sunday Morning for the church and one to introduce our family and ministry here on discipleMexico.org. So here, without further ado, is our very own introductory video. (Click on the flash player to the left to launch it or here if your are receiving this update via email.)

In addition to this new video, we’ve totally revamped our About Us page, adding this video as well as descriptions of our individual callings. And, for those of your who have yet to friend us on Facebook, you can check back to keep abreast of our current status. Just a few new ways that we’re trying to keep you connected to what’s happening here in the Yucatan.

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