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Convenience. That is the name of the game in the world that we live in. Time is of the essence. That is why Easy Mac, disposable cleaning cloths, and drive-thrus are so popular.

We understand this idea too. That is why we have added the ability to subscribe to our site by two different means, RSS, which is readable through many news readers like Google and Bloglines, and Feedblitz email updates, which sends the latest content from to your inbox.

But there are times when only the “real thing” will do, like the flavor of homemade food, the good honest clean that only scrubbing can bring. So it is with If you’ve stopped coming by our site, you’ve missed out on a bunch of new features that we have added to make your experience more fulfilling. Like:

  • Photo Albums: We’ve got lots of photos, from the wilds of Costa Rica to the ministry events that have happened during our language school experience. We’ve chronicled our lives through photos here in Costa Rica, and we want to share them with you!
  • New Categories: Now it’s easier than ever to find the subjects that you want to read about on our site. Like the Day to Day goings on? Click on the Day2Day links at the top of posts categorized in that fashion, and you’ll be able to read every post on our site that fits in that category. Like the media that we have posted on our site? Click on the link for media and enjoy to your hearts content.
  • Recent Comments: Information is great, but conversation is better. That is why we’ve now added comments to our side bar so that everyone who comes to the side can read your ideas, and leave some of their own. This is just another way that we’ve tried to add in interactivity to our website. So leave a comment, the more the merrier!
  • There is also much more: like new links, new cool features like calendar navigation through past posts, to mention a few.

But all of this is out of the reach of those who settle for convenience alone. So stop by the site again. It will be worth the trip!

By the way, don’t forget to tell us what you think. Do you like the changes? Are there improvements that you would like to see? Leave us a comment, and let us know.

With Christmas break upon us, we’ve had time to make some major changes at Aside from the obvious, we taken time to add features to make your experience at our site more enjoyable. Some of these features include:

  • New site navigation
  • New links page
  • New expanding post feature for easier viewing of the site
  • and much more!

Also, for those of you who have subscribed to disciplemexico via Bloglet, we are considering moving all subscriptions to Feedblitz. This service works better with our site feed, and looks to be more reliable over the long run. Don’t worry, all of this will take place automatically.

What hasn’t changed, though, is all of the great content that you have come to enjoy at So if it has been a while since you have clicked through to visit the site come and check us out!

We recently had about 5 new people sign up for our website subscription service. Unfortunately, we had a problem with it this weekend and the updates weren’t sent as usual. Things should be straightened out now. Thanks to those who have decided to keep up with our activities in language school.

Check it out! Now you can keep up with the Godzwa?s without having to type any URLs! Just enter your email address in to the subscription panel the links listing and you?ll receive an email each time this site is updated. Now, how cool is that?

New Domain!

We’ve moved! We now have our very own domain:! Thanks so much to Amy Maxwell, one of our supporters, who has provided a place on which our site can rest. This domain, aside from giving us a site that is more easily accessible and easier to spell than our previous one, was chosen because it states precisely what we feel the Lord is calling us to do in Mexico: make disciples who can be used to spread his kingdom troughout the country. So here it is! Come back often, and tell others about it.

You may be asking, “What can you do with a weblog (or “blog” for short)?”  Well, I glad that you asked.  I want to take a couple of lines to detail the features of Mexico Missive Expanded.


To begin with, Mexico Missive Expanded (MME) is really a pumped up newsletter.  You’ll be able to get in depth information and updates from our ministry as well as a chronicle of our activities that just couldn’t fit on our two page mailing.


MME is also much more.  It is a repository of information.  You are able to pull up our mission statement and missions profile in PDF format, suitable for printing and posting if necessary.  Also, we’ve attached our most recent newsletter, in case you’ve misplaced your copy, or were just about to sign up for our mailing list by emailing us.  (You can do that with a link as well.)


MME is also a gateway for contributing to our ministry.  By clicking on the Support this Ministry link, you will be taken to the secure A/G web server which will allow you to contribute to our ministry via credit card.  (Just be sure to pay that balance off at the end of the month!)


Finally, MME is a way to generate responses from you!  Click on the comment link attached to each posting, and you can let us know how each subject affects you.  We look forward to your responses.


So please, stay awhile and browse around.  We’ll be doing our best to keep this area fresh and up to date.

This is a spot that we have chosen to keep you informed on all of the latest happenings in the Godzwa Family as we get prepared to leave for Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. In the
postings that follow, you’ll be able to keep track of our support status, ministry updates, prayer requests, and the general happenings of the Godzwa family.

Our current print and email newsletter is called the Mexico Missive, a direct lift from our director’s monthly mailing to all of the missionaries. (Hey, it sounded good!) This blog is called Mexico Missive Expanded to show that you’ll get much more from this space then you will receive from our newsletter. Enjoy!

We’ve changed our blog name to match our site name, We wanted to convey a name that would reflect the ministry of making disciples that we feel lead to begin in Meria.

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