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Last week, I told you about Moisés, the teen who was filled with the Spirit during services at his church. We can certainly say that he received a blessing on that evening, but we know that the strength of the Spirit much more than that It is a specific power granted to believers in order to live as examples of the Kingdom of God and to announce it’s coming, and in my Evangelism Class at Instituto Bíblico Bethel, we’re learning to do just that!

One student, Guadalupe, (pictured above) has particularly grasped the idea and is running with it. Having made contact with three individuals through surveys that were a part of her homework for the class, she was able to meet with them in their homes. They are now gathering weekly to study the plan of salvation outlined in the tract, The Four Spiritual Laws. It’s humbling to see how a simple 5 minute survey could be used to bring life change to spiritually hungry people!

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Do your prayers matter? To Moisés they do! On the 25th of January, I asked the readers of and specific prayer partners to pray for the event, “Reconciling us with the Holy Spirit,” held at the church Eben-ezer, here in Mérida. Several responded saying that they would pray, and for Moisés it’s made all of the difference!

Following my sermon on the availability of the power of the Spirit, I had the pleasure of praying with Moisés. Durning the time around the altar, Moisés was one of those who received the Baptism with the evidence of speaking in tongues. Thanks, in part, to the prayers of those who responded, this youth can count on a new strength, the power of the Spirit!

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Restoring Power

In this previous article, I spoke of the inconvenience of power outages. I related the frustrations that I felt because I could not trust that I would have the energy that I needed to power the modern devices that I’ve come to depend upon in order to complete my projects.

More recently, however, I’ve grown aware of an even more alarming power outage, evidenced by the diminishing number of believers being baptized in the Holy Spirit. At a recent meeting, certain pastors lamented that only 20% of their congregations had experienced the Baptism, while a census submitted by the regional presbyter in the southern portion of the district reported that perhaps only tithe of the church members polled had received the infilling of the Holy Spirirt.

Acts 1:8 states, “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” Could it be that the reason for the stagnated growth of the Assemblies of God in Yucatán has been because we’ve lacked the power that such growth requires?

One church, Eben-Ezer, has recognized their need for the power that only the Holy Spirit can bring, and has asked that I speak in a two day event titled, “Reconciling Ourselves with the Holy Spirit” on February 4th and 5th. In this event, it is my desire to show the congregation the biblical foundation the Baptism of the Holy Spirit so that they might be open to receive it and learn to cooperate with the third person of the Trinity to make an impact in their daily life.

Would you pray with us for these services?

  • Pray for a genuine recognition of the need among the congregation.
  • Pray that many will be open to learn about and receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.
  • Pray that the experience would lead to a renewed witness to the community of the love of Jesus Christ.
  • Pray that the effects of this event would motivate other churches in the Yucatán to emphasize the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

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